Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Brunswick Urban Redevelopment Agency (URA) is seeking proposals for a catalyst project from interested developers to be located on a site in Historic Downtown Brunswick that will be a signature project for Downtown Brunswick. The area of opportunity for the purposes of this RFP is the City owned "Oglethorpe Block". This parcel is a combined 3.01 acres and is owned by the City of Brunswick and the Brunswick Urban Redevelopment Agency ("URA"). The property identified in this RFP is being offered for redevelopment.

This project must include the construction of a Conference Facility through the use of SPLOST funds available from the City and Glynn County. Additional project components may include, but are not limited to: additional meeting space, retail or commercial space, hotel, residential housing and or a combination of several components. In addition to the development of the Property, the City and URA will entertain proposals containing options to develop, construct or relocate project elements utilizing other properties located in Downtown Brunswick.

The City and URA are not confined to a particular development structure and look to the proposer to present an arrangement that would result in the highest quality development consistent with the community's vision for downtown.

For a copy of the complete RFQ packet please see the City of Brunswick website, http:/

Upon Release of this Request for Proposal, all vendor communications concerning this acquisition must be directed to the correspondent listed below:

Mathew Hill, Secretary

City of Brunswick Urban Redevelopment Agency

City of Brunswick

1229 Newcastle Street

Brunswick, GA 31520

Unauthorized contact regarding the proposal with other Brunswick City employees or Members of the URA may result in disqualification. Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding on the City of Brunswick and/or URA. Vendor should rely only on written statements issued by the proposal correspondent.

The URA must receive a proposal in a sealed envelope or container, in its entirety, no later than 12:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time in Brunswick, Georgia on February 10, 2017.