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In The Superior Court Of Glynn County State Of Georgia Christine A. Jones, Plaintiff, vs. Franklin A. Jones, Defendant. Civil Action No. CE17-00457-063 Service By Publication Action Filed, March 24, 2017, Order For Publication Signed: This the 29th day of March 2017, filed with the Court on the 31st day of March 2017. To Franklin A. Jones You are hereby required within sixty days of the date of Order for Service by Publication, as shown above, to file with the Clerk of Superior Court and serve upon Whitney Johnson Hunter, the Plaintiff's attorney, whose mailing address is 1628 Union Street, Brunswick, Georgia, 31520, an Answer to Plaintiff's Complaint to the above-styled action. If you fail to do so, the Court will proceed to grant the relief sought as provided by law. Witness Roger B. Lane, Judge of this Court, this the 12th day of April, 2017. /s/ Heidi Haughton Dep Clerk, Superior Court Glynn County, Georgia Brunswick Judicial Circuit. Whitney Johnson Hunter Attorney for Plaintiff 1628 Union Street Brunswick, Georgia 31520 (912) 264-2595 - Telephone (912) 264-2596 - Facsimile Ronald M Adams Clerk Of Superior Court Filed Glynn Co. Clerk's Office 2017 APR 12 P 3:51 Ronald M Adams Clerk Superior Court