NOTICE OF LOCATION AND DESIGN APPROVAL STP00-0009-02(092), Glynn County P. I. #: 532650 Notice is hereby given in compliance with Georgia Code 22-2-109 and 32-3-5 that the Georgia Department of Transportation has approved the Location and Design of this project. The date of location and design approval is: June 27, 2017. The proposed improvement will extend the four lane section of SR 25/US 17 from MP17.92 (Yacht Drive) to MP 23.80 (SR 99 / Grants Ferry Road for a distance of approximately 5.88 miles in Glynn County. This project will include a 24-foot raised median with rural outside shoulders and auxiliary turn lanes at public street intersections and median openings. It will also offer an opportunity for vehicles to change lanes to avoid slower drivers preparing to make turns. Since this is a state designated bike route, provision will also be made to accommodate bicycle traffic along the paved shoulders. The project is located in the G.M.D 26. The proposed will provide a four-lane divided highway with a 24' raised median, 10' rural shoulders (6.5' paved and auxiliary lanes at major intersections. The paved shoulders will accommodate the designated state bike route (Coastal Route). This project will also replace the existing bridge over Thornhill Creek & Wallyleg Branch with new 4-lane bridge. Traffic will be maintained via staging during construction. Drawings or maps or plats of the proposed project, as approved, are on file and are available for public inspection at the Georgia Department of Transportation: Timothy J. Williams District 5, Area 3 Engineer 128 Public Safety Boulevard Brunswick, Georgia 31525-8905 1-912-264-7247 Any interested party may obtain a copy of the drawings or maps or plats or portions thereof by paying a nominal fee and requesting in writing to: Albert V. Shelby, III State Program Delivery Administrator Attn: Cassius O. Edwards Georgia Department of Transportation One Georgia Center, 25TH Floor Atlanta, Georgia 30308 912-530-4370 Any written request or communication in reference to this project or notice SHOULD include the Project and P. I. Numbers as noted at the top of this notice.