Details for In The Probate Court County of Glynn State of Georgia


In The

Probate Court County of Glynn

State of Georgia

In Re: Estate of

Earlee G Johnson


Estate No. Pro17395

Letters Testamentary

(Relieved of

Filing Returns)

At a regular term of Probate Court, the Last Will and Testament dated February 20, 2008 of the above named Decedent, who was domiciled in this County or was domiciled in another state but owned property in this County at the time of his or her death, was legally proven in Solemn form to be the Decedent's Will and was admitted to record by order, and it was further ordered that Sean R Johnson and Cindy T Johnson named as Executor(s) in said Will, be allowed to qualify, and that upon so doing, Letters Testamentary be issued to such Executor(s).

Now, Therefore, the Executor(s), Sean R Johnson and Cindy T Johnson, having taken the oath of office and complied with all necessary prerequisites of the law, is/are legally authorized to discharge all the duties and exercise all the powers of Executor(s) under the Will of said Decedent, according to the Decedent's Will and the law.

Given under my hand and official seal, on this the 21st day of December, 2016.

/s/ Debra Godwin Howes

Probate Judge nka Debra Godwin Duncan

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Issued by:


Probate Clerk/

Deputy Clerk