An auditor hired by Glynn County to examine the books in the Clerk of Superior Court’s office has requested that she be allowed to expand the inquiry to include years prior to 2011.

“It’s my understanding that the auditor has requested to go back to prior years, to 2008 to 2010,” said County Manager Alan Ours on Friday. “We’re working with her now to get a cost we can submit to the (Glynn County Commission).”

Initially the auditor, Beth Grimes, of Bates, Carter and Co., was contracted to audit financial records from January 2011 to December 2016.

Ours said he will try to have a contract extension prepared for the commission at its work session on Tuesday. If it is not ready, it will be presented at the April 6 commission meeting.

Even prior to his formally taking office on Jan. 1, Superior Court Clerk Ron Adams was looking through financial records and working with deputy clerk Maria Jacobs to prepare as many records for the auditor as they could.

The audit is in response to $673,000 or more that was discovered as missing from accounts in the office in 2014. Former clerk Darren Jones initially reported the missing funds to Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump, who took it to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI took it from there, opening an investigation and completing its own audit of the office.

Glynn County was asked to stay out of the way of the forensic audit, so officials declined Adams requests to conduct its own until January. The county was given permission by the GBI to go ahead in December, and a full proposal for an audit was approved by the commission on Jan. 17.

The GBI has not prosecuted anyone for the missing funds, instead handing the case over to the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia. The council has not pursued prosecution either.

Adams said back in January, based on what he had seen, that the auditor would need to examine records as far as 2008 to get the whole story.

“I have been researching the accounts and I believe that the appropriate start date is 2008, I have no doubt about that,” Adams said.

Commissioners may take a vote on the expanded audit at their upcoming special called meeting, scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Harold Pate Courthouse Annex, 1725 Reynolds St. in Brunswick.