WOODBINE — A proposed plan describing how solid waste will be managed in Camden County through 2030 is recommending local governments work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The plan requires the cities of Kingsland, St. Marys and Woodbine along with the county to demonstrate they have 10 years of collection capability and disposal capacity. It also identifies sites unsuitable for solid waste handling facilities based on environmental and land use factors.

Local governments and the county commission must approve the plan before it is submitted to the state for approval. Every local government in the county provided input and participated in the creation of the plan. It is scheduled to go into effect in November and will replace the existing plan, which went into effect in 2006.

Under the new proposal, Kingsland will continue to collect solid waste from residents using its own vehicles and staff. But the plan recommends the city and other local governments explore collaborating on solid waste collection, either by jointly contracting for services or through interlocal agreements.

The waste reduction and recycling goal is to “divert as much material as feasible from disposal in landfills through source reduction, reuse, recycling and mulching and composting.”

One strategy is to expand curbside recycling throughout the county, with the city of Kingsland possibly collaborating with the county or the municipalities that already contract for the service.

The Camden County Solid Waste Authority will continue to operate as an enterprise fund, with all fees charged for collection, disposal and other solid waste activities fully funded.

The fund also provides reserves to pay for future capital costs, including the mandatory closure and post-closure of landfill cells, when needed.

The authority is required to continue to explore options for solid waste diversion and management trends and changes.

Solid waste authority members are also tasked with evaluating new options and implementing them when feasible and if they are cost effective.