It is not often a man lights out from the Glynn County Courthouse, slipping out of the cuffs placed on him by sheriff’s deputies, but 39-year-old Richard Lee O’Quinn did just that, scampering off to — for eight days — parts unknown, until Glynn County Sheriff’s Office deputies tracked him down Feb. 10 to Jeff Road in Brantley County, near State Road 110.

On May 12, he agreed to a plea agreement with the District Attorney’s Office regarding the four cases pending against him in Glynn County Superior Court.

Authorities arrested O’Quinn on Jan. 3 for five counts — four felony, one misdemeanor — of theft by shoplifting. He pleaded guilty to two counts of felony theft by shoplifting and received a sentence of 10 years in state prison, followed by 10 years probation. He is also banned from all Wal-Marts within the Brunswick Judicial District.

For O’Quinn’s felony escape from custody, he earned another five years in state prison, while his 12-month-sentence for misdemeanor obstruction of an officer will run concurrently with that five years.

Prosecutors dropped charges for felony financial transaction card theft and financial transaction card fraud and interference with government property.

In O’Quinn’s February run from law enforcement, tales of his presence came in from St. Simons Island to the Glynco area, and drew in the efforts of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit, the Ware State Prison K-9 Unit and the aviation unit of the Georgia State Patrol.

Glynn County Undersheriff Ron Corbett said at the time of his capture that a $1,000 reward announced by the GCSO played a part in his apprehension.