Joshua Loria has been in the Navy less than two years and he’s already worked on projects in Spain, Guam, and now, the Marshall Islands.

He chose the Navy as a way to follow other family members who served in the sea service, and as a way to serve his country.

Loria said it was his goal to become a Seabee and become a steelworker.

“I wanted a job in metal work, seeing as I like working with metal,” he said. “I was informed that there was a steelworker rate in the Navy and it was in a Seabee community, so I chose to join this awesome brotherhood.”

The petty officer 3rd class works on Seabee construction projects anywhere in the world.

He is currently working on Ebeye Island helping to build a three-classroom building. His unit is deployed to provide construction, humanitarian and foreign assistance, special operations combat service support and theater security cooperation for the U.S. Pacific Command.

“The classrooms need some good work and we are ensuring we provide the local children with better school rooms so they can learn in a better atmosphere,” he said in an email interview with The Brunswick News.

The Jekyll Island resident said he still has strong ties to Glynn County.

“I grew up there going to school and making good friends,” he said. “When I go on leave, I always come home.”

While he enjoys the challenges of the job, Loria said he still hasn’t decided if he will make the Navy a career.

“Only time will tell,” he said. “So far I have enjoyed my time working in this community, but time and ranking will determine whether I decide to continue my career or pursue a different career.”