Police arrived to a 911 call Friday night on Willow Road to a chaotic scene — Douglas Morris Morgan Jr. was outside screaming for help and his wife was propped against a bed inside, dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, according to a Glynn County Police report.

Morgan told police his 20-gauge shotgun must have fallen off the dresser in their bedroom and gone off accidentally, shooting his wife as she was on their bed reading. Morgan allegedly said he was inside the bedroom’s adjoining bathroom when he “heard a gunshot,” according to the report.

Morgan’s alleged explanation apparently did not hold up under questioning by Glynn County Police detectives. Morgan remained Tuesday in the Glynn County Detention Center, charged with the murder of Michelle Morgan. He also is being held for violation of probation.

Glynn County Court records show Douglas Morgan was arrested on June 1, 2016, and charged with simple battery; at the time he was ordered to have no contact with Michelle Morgan, records show. Police Chief Matt Doering said Saturday that officers had been called to the home at 242 Willow Road in the past due to alleged domestic violence.

A neighbor called 911 at 8:34 p.m. Friday after hearing a man yelling for help and requesting an ambulance, according to the police report. An arriving police officer found a frantic Morgan outside their home at 242 Willow Road. Morgan allegedly yelled, “help, help my wife’s been shot, help her,” according to the report.

Morgan allegedly led the police officer inside the home and to the bedroom, where Michelle Morgan was “on the floor with her back against the bed,” the report said.

The officer first asked Morgan how Michelle Morgan’s body got from the bed to the floor. Morgan allegedly replied that he moved her to that position “to help her,” the report said. He said he used “blankets on the bed to stop her bleeding,” the report said.

Morgan was less clear in answering the officer’s next question, according to the report. The officer asked him where the shotgun was.

“I then asked Morgan where the gun was when he went into the room and Morgan could not give me (an) answer,” the report said. Morgan then allegedly told the officer that “he grabbed the gun and ran outside” after the shooting. Morgan allegedly said he put it near a ladder that was up against a fence separating a neighbor’s property, the report said.

Morgan stated he may have tried to climb the ladder to contact the neighbors but that he was “unsure,” the report said. Morgan told the officer that all of this occurred about 10 to 15 minutes prior to the officer’s arrival.

“There were no witnesses at the scene,” the officer said.

The initial report does not say if police found the gun after questioning Morgan.

The officer then drove Morgan to police headquarters, where he was questioned by members of the Criminal Investigation Division and eventually charged.