A weapon was found in the backpack of a sixth-grade student at Needwood Middle School on Thursday during a routine K-9 inspection.

The Glynn County School Police were conducting an inspection in the district’s middle schools when the school resource officers found a 13-year-old student at Needwood in possession of a .380 caliber Taurus handgun in his book bag while inside a classroom.

The weapon was not loaded and was missing the magazine, making it incapable of firing in the state it was found.

“This is a good example of why it is important to conduct random unannounced visits like this to schools using K-9’s,” said Rod Ellis, chief of Glynn County School Police, in a statement. “In this instance, a weapon was uncovered and taken out of the hands of a youth before anyone was harmed.”

The school was not placed on lockdown because school resource officers were already on campus, as well as school administrators.

The student was removed immediately from the classroom after the weapon was discovered.

The student’s parents were notified, and he was transported to the Glynn County Juvenile Court. He will face charges for possession of a weapon while on a school campus.

The routine K-9 inspection is meant to detect and deter weapons and narcotics in schools.

“We will continue to investigate this matter and determine how he obtained the weapon and why he had it at school,” Ellis said. “Although always unfortunate to discover a weapon in school, I’m pleased we found it in a proactive and unified effort with school administrators to keep kids safe at school.”