The case of an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy that stretched from Jeff Davis County to Glynn County continued Monday in U.S. District Court in Brunswick, with three of the defendants receiving their arraignments.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Gilully opened by explaining the enormous amount of documented evidence against the eight men listed as defendants in the 21-count indictment.

“Your honor, the discovery in this case is substantial,” Gilully said to U.S. Magistrate Judge Stan Baker, explaining there were a number of recorded controlled buys, extensive electronic surveillance and trackers, along with seven federal wire-taps of conversations between the alleged co-conspirators.

Gilully noted all of the conversations are in Spanish, however, and while there is an English transcript to go along with it, attorneys for the accused would likely want to conduct their own translations, which will take some amount of time. In all, Gilully said there was about 37 GB of evidence, which even though it is so large, the government will make available for access by defense counsel on a cloud server. One of the defendants’ attorneys requested the discovery on a drive, though, and Gilully said he will be provided with that.

But because of the amount of evidence and the nature of the wiretaps, with consent from counsel present, Baker set the motions hearing for the three men — Oscar Negrete Cortez, Miguel Perez Posadas and Mauro Garcia Ramirez — for Oct. 17 at 10 a.m.

None of the men were available for a detention hearing — there are immigration detainers on Cortez and Ramirez, while the information necessary was not available for Posadas and his detention hearing will take place likely within the next several days at a time to be determined.