Dear Dr. Graham:

I’m in high school, and my biology teacher says the only difference between us and other animals is that we have more mental capacity. I asked him about our souls, but he doesn’t believe there is such a thing. Who is right: my teacher or the Bible?

— Z.M.

Dear Z.M.: Your teacher is entitled to his opinion — but the Bible tells us something far different about the human race. It tells us that we are not simply highly-developed animals (although we too have physical bodies). We are unique — because God also put within each of us a soul or spirit.

Because of this, you and I have the ability to know God and to walk with Him every day. Never forget: you are not here by chance or accident. You are here because God created you and put you here — just as He has every other human being who has ever lived. And He created you and put your soul within you so you could know Him and discover His purpose for your life. The Psalmist declared, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God” (Psalm 42:2).

How do I know this is true? One reason is because I sense it in my own heart and mind — and so do you. Bugs don’t think about God ... dogs don’t think about God ... fish don’t think about God ... but human beings do, because God has put our souls within us.

But I know it most of all because Jesus Christ came into the world to die for our sins and bring us back to God. Would He have given His life to save us if we were only animals? No, of course not. Invite Jesus Christ to come into your life today, and discover the joy of being His child.