As is the often the case in the Golden Isles, there are a couple of events that serve to benefit our seaside community happening this weekend.

Saturday morning at Howard Coffin Park in Brunswick, competitors will gather to show their strength in a knock-down, drag-out, winner-take-all tug of war championship of the world.

OK, so maybe it is not a true world championship, but the Pull for a Kid Tug o’ War has become an annual January tradition that local teams work hard to win, and for good reason.

Teams of five “pullers” each from places like Brunswick High School, Glynn Academy, Crossfit gyms and other groups around Glynn County have donated their money and time to compete for the chance to take home this year’s trophy, all in the name of sending children to summer camp who otherwise might not get the chance to go.

The program is run by Brent Nichols, a local counselor who works with children and saw a chance nearly a decade ago to give a few children a new experience — going to summer camps. The program focuses on children who are from working poor families and whose families are not likely to be able to provide the transportation or money needed to get them to camp.

Spending time outside and with other children outside of school can be more therapeutic than sitting and talking, Nichols noted recently.

We commend him for creating such a valuable and meaningful program for our area’s children.

Later on Saturday, at Gascoigne Bluff Park, another gathering of a different sort will benefit saving green space on St. Simons Island.

The St. Simons Land Trust Oyster Roast used to be in November but has become a January tradition in its own right after moving to a new date a couple of years ago.

The oyster roast not only helps the land trust conserve undeveloped land on the island that is under constant development pressure, it also offers the perfect chance for locals to taste a wide variety of local fare. The roasted oysters may be the highlight, but the numerous other tables featuring dishes from local chefs and restaurants are also sure to please.

The best part is knowing that by buying a ticket, you are helping an organization that has already done a lot for our community and will continue to do more.

The two Saturday events may have different specific purposes, but both are valuable assets to our community and deserve to be the traditions they have become.