A positive and complimentary article regarding Glynn County Animal Control was published last week. This article made me realize once again how one particular officer and steady dedication to doing what is right can make such a difference. Animal Control officer Smith responded quickly, performed professionally and did just the right thing for both dog and owner.

Not enough credit is given to Animal Control for all they do on a daily basis — the routine tasks of dealing with pet-related questions, sheltering the animals with care and compassion, finding appropriate homes for stray animals and trying, in this instance, to find the best solution for a dangerous situation that could have ended badly. All these functions should be acknowledged as important and the staff performing them should be acknowledged in a positive way. Staff members and Dr. Bill Disque, continue on a daily basis to do what is right and what is needed for the welfare of the animals in their care.

Too often we see goodness on a daily basis and begin to take that goodness for granted. An occasional article in the newspaper is an affirmation of all that these officers and Dr. Disque, do in their daily routine and is a reminder that there are many unsung heroes among us. They don’t ask for recognition, but when that recognition comes, we all should be grateful for the fact that these dedicated people are there and doing their job.

Be sure to visit Animal Control if you are thinking of adopting or if you can volunteer your time. The most important item on animal control’s wish list is for animal lovers, like themselves, to pitch in time and attention. Thank you to all the staff at Glynn County Animal Control and to Dr. Disque for continuing to do what is right.

Barbara Sancomb

Jekyll Island