Thanks so much for the hurricane and evacuation coverage.

Just wanted to also thank (Glynn County) Animal Control for their efforts evacuating over 100 animals from the shelter to safety at the Waycross fairgrounds. All the animals were safe, dry and well cared for by staff and volunteers over the course of several long days and nights in Waycross. The animal control staff also helped return animals from Waycross to the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia.

Animal control staff do not get the credit and attention they deserve and I just wanted to give a shout out to these caring and willing people for all they do to help the homeless animals of Glynn County.

I wanted to mention again that animal control staff and their supervisor John Powell have saved the taxpayers of Glynn County $1.5 million. SPLOST 2016 has proposed spending that money on a “new” shelter to replace the current 15 year old, “old” shelter.

Animal control, county facilities maintenance and Mr. Powell have restored and remodeled a modular building to solve the structural deficiencies at the current building, making a new high priced building unnecessary.

There is now a separate surgical suite, conference/training room, additional administrative offices and storage space in the new building, which is an attractive addition to the Animal Control campus on Highway 17 N. The “old” building has a welcoming lobby and reception area, two adoption rooms, an isolation room for sick, infant and elderly animals, a separate laundry room and more additional storage.

Between the two buildings on the animal control campus there are facilities to house animals, educate the public and store all of the necessary needs for animal care and sheltering.Such good use of an existing modular building. Good stewardship of Glynn County taxpayers money too. Congrats (Glynn County) Animal Control.

Thanks to The News again for your hurricane coverage.

Barbara Sancomb

Jekyll Island