Over four months ago, a proposal for 175 apartments in downtown Brunswick was presented to the Urban Redevelopment Agency. This proposal was made by a viable, local company, and if implemented, would be a most desirable addition to the city.

So what does the URA do in response? Nothing. Are you kidding me? Even if there were no interest, common courtesy would dictate a follow up letter, or at the very least a phone call. But in this case, the URA should have been all hands on deck, to determine the level of interest, and help bring this project to fruition if approved.

Who knows how many other companies are watching this lack of action, and deciding to look elsewhere for opportunities? As the folks from the Carl Vinson Institute of UGA recently told the city commission, “The city has a wealth of plans going all the way back to 2011. You have a big vision. What you need is more implementation.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Dick Wiederhorn

St. Simons Island