Is the city manager Drumm to lazy to sit down in his office and type up a letter, or better yet, have a face to face meeting the chief of police about personnel matters instead of texting? This man is paid a lot of money to run the city government and if he can’t take the time to act in a business and professional manner then he needs to move on.

I hope that the chief has learned his lesson of dealing with Drumm because Drumm has just shown the chief that he can play with words and lie. This is why the city of Brunswick is losing so many police officers, poor pay and most of all poor leadership from the city manager and the city manager represents the city and the mayor. So that to show that the mayor has no idea what is going on in his backyard, or is Drumm keeping this from the mayor?

I hope that the court system will rule in favor of those police officers. If not, I wouldn’t blame them at all it they leave to seek better pay and better leadership somewhere else.

A. Guzman