Letter-writer Jeanne Kane’s whirligig of July 15 urging our staying the course on the disaster of Obamacare tears at my heart strings. She fails to tell us how a nation with 50 percent on some form of welfare already will pay for this leviathan, totally out of our financial reach. With a $20 trillion debt that we cannot even service, the interest load without more borrowing/printing more paper, does she want a collapse of the dollar?

Currently relatives in my circle are paying $1,000 each per month for health care — not of the Cadillac variety either. Of course much of this is going to pay for those who place a higher priority on $600 phones, 50-inch TVs, luxury cars, homes they cannot afford and too many nights at the joints. Why should those who place health care along with the priority of food and lodging pay for those who care less about their health until getting sick or injured? I say dump Obamacare, the Republican Obama-lite disaster and go to a sink or swim policy where individual responsibility trumps another giveaway plan designed for votes and control of the country. Kane needs to understand that the USA is not technically bankrupt — we are bankrupt. Federal and state governments should not be in the business of making everyone a winner. For truly needy cases, churches and organizations like the Red Cross, etc. are in business. With personal responsibility, all the problems caused by the government will vanish.

Felton Hudson

St. Simons Island