The Glynn County Board of Commissioners has instituted a rule that citizens volunteering to serve on various advisory boards and committees can do so on only one such entity at a time. While this seems a common-sense rule, designed to encourage as many citizens to be active participants as possible, it is passing strange that this rule does not seem to apply to the various authorities and boards tasked with managing public facilities and spending tax dollars.

The result is that the Airport Authority, the Brunswick and Glynn Development Authority and the Golden Isles Convention and Visitors Bureau are run by a virtual interlocking directorate. Moreover, unlike the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission, on which representatives of the county and the City of Brunswick serve as full members and vote, if our elected officials even attend the meetings of the trio of big spenders, they are relegated to sitting like bumps on a log.

At least, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, which now has more than $3 million a year to dispense to various advertising media, is operating under an annual contract which the county commission is entitled to review and reconsider to see if the allocation of tax dollars is providing the desired results.

At this week’s meeting, I’ll be asking the county commission to give notice to the CVB, as their contract specifies, of the commission’s intent to reconsider the contract before March 1, including a review of the CVB Board’s bylaws, which exclude those providing funds from having a vote.

Monica Smith

St. Simons Island