I work for Lucas Properties and have attended every Islands Planning Commission and county meetings as well as court hearings regarding its projected expansion at 301 Sea Island Rd. I would like to clarify some issues being discussed regarding this matter.

• Drainage: There are two drainage systems located on the Sea Marsh tract. The northern system runs between the Lucas building and Black Banks fence, currently collecting some of drainage from the Lucas building. As part of improvements, all water from the Lucas property will drain to southern system. Additionally Mr. Lucas is offering to install a tidal gate in Black Banks to further help low lying areas. This work will improve the drainage in Black Banks.

• Size: 3,463 square feet adds 13 executive suites for which we have a waiting list. The height remains 27’1” feet. There will be no change in parking spaces and existing shrubbery will be relocated to other areas on property.

• Black Banks: The Homeowners Association invited our architect and engineer to speak at its board meeting. After the presentation, the board saw no problems with Lucas’s addition and voted to remain neutral.

• The Stuttering Foundation: The foundation’s lease ends Dec. 31. Ms. Fraser is suing to remain in the Lucas building while also suing against the owner’s private property rights. Many untruths have been spread about this addition.

Art Lucas saw a need for professional offices on the island. He has owned five commercial properties on St. Simons. All were in disrepair or unfinished upon purchase. After extensive renovations, these buildings now offer tenants quality space and have greatly improved island property. Growing up in McIntosh County, Mr. Lucas loves this community. He currently serves on four major boards, pouring both time and money back into Glynn County. It is time for the facts, not mistruths to be heard. The county and IPC heard the facts and granted a building permit which has addressed all concerns.

Louise Hooper

St. Simons Island