The spaceport will be a great asset not only to Southeast Georgia, but for all of Georgia.

As someone who’s worked for an investment firm for over 16 years that buys and sells aviation companies, I am excited about the possibilities the spaceport project will bring to Camden County, Southeast Georgia and the entire state.

I’ve seen firsthand the economic impact of the Georgia Ports Authority in our area. Likewise, Camden’s Spaceport project is a great opportunity for economic development, and will create jobs and generate tax revenues. The project will also create technology jobs, especially those in aerospace, which are generally high-paying and will draw top-level talent to our area. They will also allow area students graduating in these fields to stay in Georgia rather than leave their home state.

Southeast Georgia is on the cusp of greatness and having the spaceport project will not only put Camden County on the map, it will cement Georgia’s title as the number one state for doing business. For all the reasons mentioned above, I fully support the Camden County Spaceport project.

Jeanne Seaver