As a resident of St Simons Island, living less than 1/4 mile from the airport, directly under the landing and take-off path for aircraft, I feel the need to add input to the article in The News on Wednesday that reported concerns Billy Smith expressed to the airport commission.

He is absolutely correct concerning the dangers we face daily by the lack of proper air traffic control at our airport. Daily I witness aircraft flying in and out over my house, not only in dangerous sequence, but often incoming and outgoing using same route, along with sightseeing planes, student planes and helicopters cruising around. Also there are weekends of special events which bring in hundreds of extra aircraft.

A mid-air collison over our island is a strong possibility given these uncontrolled factors. In December 2015 a malfunctioning plane crashed on our roof, which should not have been coming to our airport. I have not been able to discover who authorized this plane with a dead engine to come in here. Let’s get some control and soon. Please.

Joann McGuin

St. Simons Island