Kudos to Glynn Environmental Coalition and Sea Island resident Jane Fraser for fighting for Twitty Park, and shame on the Glynn County government for trying to hide behind “sovereign immunity” to deny them the right to challenge in court the county’s disregard for the terms it agreed to nearly a century ago when accepting a land donation for what became Twitty Park.

It’s bad enough that the county managed to get away with illegally transferring the deed to the Sea Island Co. years ago, but now it wants to make a land swap deal with Sea Island Acquisitions to recapture what it had no right to give away in the first place. Worse yet, the county apparently wants the land back so it can carve up part of Twitty Park to make space for “road improvements.”

The good news reported this past week is that the county’s “sovereign immunity” dodge failed to hold up, as Judge Stephen Kelley, citing public trust doctrine, granted the citizen defenders of Twitty Park legal standing, giving them the right to represent the park in court.

As the fight to save Twitty Park continues, anyone who is concerned about over-development and shrinking green space on St. Simons should speak up now on behalf of this beautiful and lush oasis. Tell your county commissioner you want Twitty Park preserved.

David Egan

Jekyll Island